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Why Reclaimed?

We love reclaimed timber for all of its beautiful flaws, it’s unique character, scars, marks and shape. Each piece created with this material is different from the next, making each dining table, desk, or coffee table a one off.

On top of this, there’s an environmental benefit too, wood that would have been destined for the incinerator, chipper or landfill, gets given a new lease of life in people’s homes to be enjoyed for years to come, without chopping more trees down.

All wood is an organic living thing, interacting with its environment all of the time. The moisture content within the wood is continuously changing with the seasons, expanding and contracting that can cause cracking. Reclaimed wood has been exposed to a lifetime of this before we get our hands on it, so should be more stable than newly cut wood, but will crack too depending on the environment it is placed in. We think this adds to the aesthetic and just like a piece of art that confidently shows the marks of the artist, the wood develops and shows its own personality and character over time.

There are precautions that you can take to avoid cracking, by monitoring the moisture in your home, or office, but to be honest, the more you worry about it, the less you will enjoy your furniture. The Beatles said it best, 'Let it be'...

We've added this content to our website under 'Our Materials' as it is core to our business.

We love what we do, and hope you do too.

Neil & Stephanie

Steel and Grain Co

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