Something Old and Something New

We are very excited to announce our new alliance with Christian Marsden, the designer behind the stunning brand StolenForm, established in 2012.

As his website (

informs, 'he has long been inspired by the urban environment; years spent journeying through London’s streets led him to notice afresh the ubiquitous and foundational features of the city that are so often overlooked: a brick, a manhole cover over a drain or a piece of piping could be reclaimed and elevated to a new level of function and aesthetic value. From these principles the concept for the brand was born. Each product is individually handmade in slip-cast earthenware ceramic and finished in a variety of high gloss, on trend colours.'

The pieces Christian creates are very eye catching and the design beautifully unique, not to mention with an affordable price tag. StolenForm is available from a wide range of businesses up and down the country, including many galleries, museums, boutique shops and studios - and we are thrilled to now be added to the list.

Its not everyday you form such great relationships direct with the designer, and were excited to have the opportunity to represent the StolenForm brand alongside our own.

Take a look at our new stock now at:

Also available via our Etsy store:

Speak soon!


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