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We are so thrilled to work with nkuku who create beautifully handmade home and lifestyle products showcasing their core values of being Ethical, Eco-friendly and Handmade. They work with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials. It’s hard to summarise all the trials and tribulations that go into starting up a business, as well as all the wonderful encounters and adventures along the way. Nkuku started 14 years ago when the owners set out on a life-changing adventure, travelling the world and coming across talented craftspeople and their beautiful work along the way. It inspired them to do something different, so they moved to rural Devon and started working with artisans throughout the world, supporting and celebrating their skills by bringing their products to a wider audience.

They choose to work with natural, recycled and reclaimed materials through sustainable methods of production:

Recycled Glass:

Their glassware is handmade from recycled glass. Firstly, the waste glass is collected and washed to remove any impurities; it is then crushed and melted down before being hand blown or placed in moulds to create beautiful new products.


Hemp is a wonderful eco-friendly material. It does not require pesticides and its density of growth leaves little room for weeds. Its durability and strength mean that it is also a long lasting material, ideal for our rugs, poufs and baskets.

Mango Wood:

Mango wood is a sustainable source of hardwood timber. The mango trees are initially grown for their fruit, but once they have stopped producing they can be cut down and used to create wood products with a beautiful colour and grain. This allows farmers to plant more trees and provides them with a supplementary income.

Recycled Metal:

Many of the stylish picture frames are handmade from a mix of recycled light metals or recycled aluminium. Recycling metal has the additional benefit of using less energy and producing fewer emissions, as compared with primary production. It is a versatile material that creates a beautiful finish.


The ceramics include clay, terracotta and stoneware. These raw materials are brought to life by skilled artisans from around the world using a wealth of techniques that are thousands of years old. The collections are hand painted and shaped by hand incorporating indigenous and contemporary influences.

Help us continue to celebrate the work of these talented individuals with their beautiful products in your home - after all their work is so stunning!

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