Timeout to clear-out... and refocus


We're back, and with a clear out of our own home and storeroom... plus a few side projects thrust upon the husband! we have a renewed zest for all things industrial interior design and are steaming ahead to help our customers add those all important updates and unique additions to their homes/ workplaces - same thing now right?!

It's been quite a while since our last blog post, and with the global pandemic even longer given our stopping any and all business activity for 3 long months. But hey, we (and much of our family and friends) have certainly found benefit in having a little time to sit back, reflect and think about what we're doing now, and what we can potentially do better moving forwards.

We are an ever growing family with another baby on the way (can you believe) in October, to make us a team of 5! and besides the obvious, have had lots to think about when it comes to the business side of things and if we can even keep things going - its been a time of uncertainty across the globe, never mind little old us!

This said, with a renewed faith in being a small independent business we are doing what we feel is right and focusing on what we do and keeping faith we can still be the business we were building, just more versatile.

So, alongside some gorgeous new supplier additions to our folio, with keen focus on storage! we have opened up our doors once again to handmade bespoke requests and have happily been inundated with interest - which has put a great big smile on our faces! While we have so much gorgeous homeware available, our handmade stuff has always lights that fire in us when it comes to bespoke designs grown from a clients initial idea!

Being an online only business is our secret weapon right now and while we have toyed many times with premises we're glad we didn't take the plunge just yet - this said, we do know how important it is when buying anything to get your (now glove laden) hands on the goods so please rest assured we will do what we can to ensure you are informed on materials, design and finish before signing anything off, and if you're just not happy we will always happily accept return for a full refund, even if its bespoke!

Checkout our handmade section showcasing some of our most recent builds, few pics here:

So we've not much more to say other than we hope you're all doing well and trying to take positives where possible from the situation we have been thrust into - and if you do have an idea, any projects you wanted to complete, or just looking to update your space and not sure quite where to go, but love the industrial style - please do get in touch and we would love to work with you on a free, no obligation, design consultation.

Stay safe!

Steel and Grain Co Ltd

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